Hi, my name is Libor JelĂ­nek. I'm just a programmer do love documentation. I was born and live in the Czech Republic. I'm datetime.date.today().year - 1984 years old.

In past, I spent 10 years in Java, the last 5 years doing Python and JavaScript. My main job now is tech writing, but I still actively contribute to a number of open-source projects.

During my career, I led many computer training, wrote a few books, and translated others from English to Czech.

I founded Documatt, an online tool for authoring docs, manuals and books for tech and novel writers.

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Python: Falcon, Sphinx doc, Django, Celery, RQ

Frontend: TypeScript, Vue.js, Nuxt, CSS, Sass, Node.js

DBs: Sqlite, PostgreSQL, Redis

DevOps: experienced Ubuntu, Docker, Kubernetes, DigitalOcean

Architecture: UML, agile, software design, patters

General: Git, REST, OpenAPI, security

Publishing and blogging.

Writing docs even in my spare time.

Sphinx doc extensions.

I wrote few extensions for Sphinx documentation.

  • sphinxcontrib-constdata (documatt.gitlab.io/sphinxcontrib-constdata/). Allows showing values, listing tables, and generating links from CSV, JSON and YAML files. Python
  • sphinx-reredirects (documatt.com/sphinx-reredirects). Handles redirects for moved pages. It generates HTML pages with meta refresh redirects to the new page location to prevent 404 errors if you rename or move your documents. Python

Misc smaller projects.

Small or in-progress side projects.

  • Page Counter (github.com/liborjelinek/page-counter). Python library and commandline tool to count number of standard pages in the text, files and folders. Python
  • Snippets (snippets.documatt.com). reStructuredText and Sphinx online editor with preview. Place to play and learn reStructuredText and Sphinx syntax. PythonVue.js
  • Sphinx Inspections (gitlab.com/documatt/sphinx-inspections/-/tree/dev) (under development). Inspect documentation written in Sphinx for common issues seen in Sphinx projects that not errors but should be. Python
  • Sphinx Themes (documatt.gitlab.io/sphinx-themes) Continuously growing collection of themes for Sphinx documentation projects. Themes suitable both for documentation and prose. PythonSASSES6
  • Dapperdox dockerized (github.com/liborjelinek/docker-dapperdox) Dapperdox is beautiful, integrated, OpenAPI (Swagger) documentation generator. This is source for its Dockerized image. GoDocker

Very old stuff.

Super old and abandoned projects.

Books and translating.

The last but not least I occasionally write or translate some computer books.

Správce Ubuntu a Debian I

Author, 2017

Správce Ubuntu a Debian II

Author, 2017

Maven příručka programátora

Author, 2018

PHP and MySQL Web Development

Co-translator, 2002

The absolute beginner's guide to creating web pages

Translator, 2003

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